Company Information

– Chapter Two LLC

– Established in Oct. 2017

– Address: 2-1-6, Kaminarimon, Taito, Tokyo, Japan, 111-0034

– Phone: +81 (3) 6802-7552

– CEO: Hiroaki Ueda

About Chapter Two LLC

Ueda Hiroaki

– Date of Birth: 29th, Nov. 1982

– Hometown: Toyama

Inspired by a coincidental meeting with a Korean exchange student, I was led to my first backpacking journey to Thailand in 2002 while pursuing my undergraduate degree.

During this backpacking journey, I met people from all over the world and through sharing this life experience with them, I began to question and ask myself many things.

I started thinking about my own identity and what I was living for. What I would experience in this time period and what could I do to change the course of my life from there on.

I proceeded to continue my studies abroad in both Canada and Korea for two years, during which I got to know and take interest in cultures and languages that I had never grown up with.

I have been to more than 30 countries throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and African since my first backpacking trip and have learned that there is really no border among us.

Nationality, religion, and language do not separate us. We are all people of this world.

After settling again back in Japan, I have worked for 5 years as a sales representative and another 5 as a hostel manager, welcoming many guests from all over the world. These experiences have led me to establish Chapter Two LLC, together with Erika.

At our hostel, Chapter Two, we intend to create a place that values personal relationships, feelings of gratitude, willingness to work for the happiness of all that come our way, and to contribute to making a special place that can be an example to the children of the future.

Ueda Erika

– Date of Birth: 28th, Dec. 1983

– Hometown: Hyogo

I was born on a the small island called “Ieshima” in Hyogo prefecture. Majoring in Philosophy at university, I took a particular interest in the study of happiness.

I would ultimately come to realize that what leads me to my own happiness is getting to know and help others. These experiences with people of all colors and values would help me to have a mutual understanding and respect for people.

After graduating university, I worked at a hotel, where I met many guests traveling from all over the world. During my tenure at the hotel, I met by chance the President of a famous hostel company in Japan, which later inspired me to take interest in the function and business of hostels.

This was the first time I came to understand the values of what makes a hostel different from a hotel. My desire to know and help others would be fulfilled by the provision of hostel services. On this basis, I made a career change from serving at a hotel to this newfound love of serving at a hostel.

Every day, I felt the direct contribution I made by connecting people from all over the world during their stay in Japan.

With this career change as a start, I began to travel to other countries proactively. I began to feel an excitement from learning different cultures, from food to architecture, that one can only feel by traveling. However, the most memorable and unforgettable memories were the direct exchanges of laughter and stories I had with the locals on these trips.

During all these travels, hostels abroad helped facilitate these wonderful experiences for me as a traveler.

Hiroaki and I got married in 2015, and in the following year, during our honeymoon, we took part in the “Marathon des Sables” (Sahara Desert Marathon) race, which is considered to be one of the most difficult marathons to compete in in the world.

By completing this 257km marathon together, we were able to overcome a certain type of difficulty that gave rise to more confidence than ever. It allowed us to think thoroughly about how we would like to live out the rest of our lives from there on.

In the following year of 2017, we decided to establish this hostel, Chapter Two LLC, based on all that we have experienced. We are incredibly pleased to have this special place where many people can experience a wonderful time during travel in Tokyo and in Japan.