Chapter Two Tokyo




“Coliving” for a freer lifestyle Co-live while traveling

“Coliving” for the future you want
Live and Create together

The world surges like the waves and continues to change significantly

“Where are we headed for?” is a question asked everywhere

People from all over the world gather to Chapter Two to realize the future they want

Occasional communication here brings a sense of unity, that can influence your next step in life

Live and Create together


Erika Ueda

“Involving others in a chain of affection”

Erika grew up in Ieshima, Himeji-city of Hyogo prefecture.

She loved playing the piano from a young age. In university,
she majored in Philosophy.

“I have been so blessed my entire life” Erika says.
“Having received so much affection,

I believe that my role is to keep involving people in that chain of affection.
My goal is to become “Chapter Two’s mom”
that anyone can come home to, anytime.”

Hiroaki Ueda

“Every second is about giving back”

Hiroaki grew up in Toyama city of Toyama prefecture.

“As a student, I travelled the world.
My experience living abroad made me who I am today.

The people I met through my journey tought me that there are many options in life, and there are so many different lifestyles.

People making unconventional challenges lightens up the world.
I would like to be one of them and make ChapterTwo a place where those kind of people gather.”